Our Certificates

FSA-Chemicals is a licensed distributor, importer and manufacturer of raw materials intended for use in the Belgian pharmacy.

These permits imply that the raw materials sold by FSA Chemicals meet the highest pharmaceutical quality. Belgian legislation has made the use of pharmaceutical raw materials in pharmacies as simple as possible. This is described in the KB97. Unlike many other European countries, the pharmacist is no longer responsible for testing the quality of the raw material. This task is reserved for specialized companies such as FSA. The raw materials are all fully analyzed, packed in cleanrooms and random checks are then further tested to be absolutely sure that there are no quality defects!

Compared to many neighboring countries, we go even further. Inactive ingredients are also fully analyzed and produced.

You will also find an MSDS file or certificate of analysis per product and LOT number. For this we have a seperate page that you can find under "Documentation".